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May it please the court:

There are several questions people ask a lot. As we go along, many will be answered here.

Q: The case about such-and-such was interesting, but what happened? Was it dismissed? Did they win? What?

A: If the case has concluded by the time it has been written up, the write-up will have the conclusion. But in many instances, we just don't know: unlike entertainment TV shows, things in the real world don't resolve quickly. Lawsuits typically take years to get through the system -- in part because there are so many cases!

Q: You reported that the case about such-and-such was dismissed. That proves the system works!

A: The True Stella Awards isn't about a "broken" court system, just as it's not a harangue against lawyers. Just because a case is thrown out doesn't mean it's not frivolous; indeed, it's an obvious sign that it is. TSA is also not about frivolous cases succeeding; it's about the abuse of the courts, and a frivolous suit doesn't even have to make it to trial to be an utter waste of time, money, and court resources. TSA is ultimately about society, and the increasing trend toward demanding compensation from someone (anyone!) for every little slight. It's about the growing something-for-nothing attitude in America that others "owe" us huge sums of money to pay for every perceived wrong. It's about an ever-growing burden on society in the form of a hidden so-called "tax" that we all pay in higher insurance premiums, reduced access to health care, and higher product costs to pay for ever-growing judgments in often-ridiculous cases that clog up the courts for years, slowing down progress on righteous cases. And TSA is here to illustrate the various causes of the overall problem: it's not just the courts, the lawyers, the plaintiffs, the insurance companies, the judges, the juries, or an increasingly sick society: it's all of these things together -- which is why virtually all attempts at "tort reform" will fail: they only address specific parts (the parts funded by monied special interests), not the whole problem. Or, if you will, minor symptoms, rather than the systemic disease.

Q: I like the way you think. I agree the problem is complex, serious and systemic. So what should we as a society do about this problem?

A: Indeed the problem is complex, serious and systemic. Thus more than a "Band-Aid" solution is required. Most proposals for reform put forth by special interests address are "Band-Aids" -- they address a specific portion of the problem, and their "solution" benefits the people funding that special interest group. To even give you an idea as to what is needed would take several book chapters. And, in fact, TSA author Randy Cassingham has dedicated several chapters in his book just to give an overview of what's needed. It can't really be condensed to a one-paragraph FAQ answer.

Q: What special interest does TSA represent?

A: None. See this page for details.

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