OPPORTUNISTS AND             )
                             )      StellaAwards.com
    Plaintiffs,              )
                             )      pleading before the
           vs.               )
                             )      Court Of Public Opinion
AND THE U.S. JUSTICE SYSTEM  )      begs the court to take notice of our
    Defendants.              )      Iron-Clad Privacy Policy

May it please the court: Most of this policy is moot since we no longer operate a mailing list. All previously registered addresses will be deleted from our servers as of 1 August 2012. The policy we operated under was (and remains):

We hate junk mail! "Spam" mail is the bane of the Internet. If you aren't bothered by it, you probably will be soon. We refuse to add to this illegitimate use of the Internet: we not only will not provide your e-mail address to any advertiser, we actually work rather hard to keep it secret. You don't have to request that your e-mail address be "concealed" -- we "conceal" all subscriber addresses.

We further protect privacy and e-mail security in general by requiring that new subscribers "confirm" their subscription. This helps to prevent people from harassing others by subscribing them to something they may not want. When you send in a subscription request, either via a web form or by e-mail, you will receive a machine-generated message asking you to confirm your subscription. You must reply to this message (you don't have to say anything, just reply to the message) before your subscription will be activated. Of course, you may always cancel (or "unsubscribe") at any time: see the bottom of any of our mailings to see how. (In fact, in exchange for your free subscription, we require only that you abide by the terms of the copyright notice in every issue, and that you agree to control your own subscription -- or, if you no longer want one, your "unsubscription" -- via those easy-to-use tools.)

Stella Awards' publisher has been very proactive in educating Internet users about what spam is, why it's bad, and what can be done about it. We encourage you to learn more -- the more you know about spam and e-mail scams, the less likely you will be victimized by them. Please visit our Spam Primer (offsite: opens in a new window).

In addition, since our company's formation in 1983, it has been our policy to never sell customer postal addresses, either. We miss out on profit opportunities by not selling our customer addresses, but that's how we want to be treated by the companies we do business with, so that's how we treat our customers. Simple, eh?

Terms of Service: Stella Award's free edition is offered without charge for your personal use. In return for your free subscription, you agree to abide by the terms of the copyright notice included in each issue, and you agree that you are responsible for maintaining your own subscription, including changing your own address or stopping your subscription when you choose. Unsubscribe instructions are included in every issue.

Underage Subscribers: Stella Awards is designed for adults and well-educated, older teens. Kids under 13 will not likely understand the commentary or irony, and we do not knowingly accept subscriptions for pre-teens. Any pre-teens discovered on our distribution will be deleted. Any particularly brainy kids that want to read Stella Awards should ask a parent to subscribe, and then ask to read their parent's copy.