OPPORTUNISTS AND             )
                             )      StellaAwards.com
    Plaintiffs,              )
                             )      pleading before the
           vs.               )
                             )      Court Of Public Opinion
AND THE U.S. JUSTICE SYSTEM  )      begs the court to take notice that
    Defendants.              )      Free Subscriptions Are No Longer Available

May it please the court: Subscriptions to Stella Awards are free! Just enter your e-mail address below.

As Noted on the Front Page of this site, the True Stella Awards newsletter is no longer published. We highly recommend reading the True Stella Awards Book by Randy Cassingham: because he said everything he wanted to say in that book, that's why we're no longer publishing the newsletter!

That said, Randy does still publish his This is True newsletter, featuring his take on strange-but-true stories and headlines from the world's news. It truly is "Thought-Provoking Entertainment". To subscribe, click on this button:

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