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    Plaintiffs,              )
                             )      pleading before the
           vs.               )
                             )      Court Of Public Opinion
AND THE U.S. JUSTICE SYSTEM  )      begs the court to take notice that
    Defendants.              )      Jurisdiction is Limited to the USA

May it please the court: Some readers have been writing to ask why we only feature cases from U.S. courts.

While we're sure that there are cases of lawsuit abuse -- or apparent abuse -- in other countries, this is an American publication written by an American author. The author is a reasonably knowledgeable lay person (not a lawyer) who has something to say about the problems he sees around him. To fairly discuss the legal systems in other countries would require knowledge about the legal system in each country. Obviously very few people have that kind of specialized multi-national knowledge and experience (and the ones who do make a lot more money!)

The "title" on these "pleading paper" pages do note we're talking about the U.S. Justice System. That has been our plan all along, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. We do know from our mail, however, that readers in other countries are finding the cases most interesting and entertaining, and we appreciate your taking the time to read the True Stella Awards.

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StellaAwards.com, In Pro Per